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Anything is debatable. The same argument against X or Y caliber as a mimimum is the same argument powderburner only shooters put against all big game airgun hunting. They would point out how much less energy a .45 airgun has compared to a .45 muzzleloader and you would respond that its not the energy that matters, its the hole in the lungs. You would point them to videos and accounts of people cleanly using .45s to kill deer and they would dismiss the evidence as cherry picked. Then you’re at an impass.

We allow bowhunting in virtually all jurisdictions that allow deer hunting. Its harder to but an arrow in the vitals than it is a pellet. Yet we still let hunters try it. Its on them to make sure they do it ethically. How many bow hunters lose deer every year? Probably thousands upon tens of thousands. Mostly due to bad shots. Sometimes due to the deers’ lungs clotting and reinflating on OK shots. I would bet that it will be easier for many hunters to make clean shots with .30 pellet guns than with bows at the same range, and I’d take a clean shot with a .30 to the lungs over a mediocre shot with a bow any day for odds of recovering the deer. 

In my mind, the real lowest threshold for deer hunting is .25. Some guns can do it, others can’t. I’d plug a Florida sized whitetail in the lungs all day long out to 50 yards with a jacked-up .25 Condor or Sumatra shooting a swaged HP. I would NOT attempt it with a factory .25 Marauder. .25 just isn’t quite big enough to stop clotting without major expansion of the projectile and even then the entry hole will always just be .25. The starting point for a .30 is in the top power spectrum for a magnum powered .25 and the smallest entry hole possible is already the size of an expanded .25 bullet. As it is, the .30 bullets I cast for my Flex expand to over .50 on impact. 

As far as the merits of videoing such kills, that’s the only way people will see it in action without trying it themselves. 

Florida has no seasonal bag limits at this time. We’re allowed to kill two a day every day of the season. I live on a blueberry farm that the deer treat like a giant food plot. I have deer like some people have rats in their barn. This year I barely hunted because I still had venison from last year. This coming season I’ll need to kill a bunch anyhow to restock my freezers. If I video enough of it, it will be clear that clean kills are the norm not the exception.