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Tomiboy if you compare  34gr 25 cal to 24gr in your balistic calculator you will see  energy for my down range kills is usually 10ft/lbs more. Helps buck wind also. I run my guns at 50ft/lbs and that will pass through a coon head at 60y every time. Wrong section for hunting but you get my drift. The only real drawback is on FX products the sweat spot for heavies is small, just take your time while tuning and you are rewarded. People all have reasons for different pellets but I am a hunter/pest controller that uses nightsite equipment a lot and it produces clean kills with very little extra air consumption. As for mk1 I feel the skirts are to large in my products and i do not like the friction going past the breach O-rings and they do not  shoot as well at the velocities I use. Hope that helps on your choices.