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If you’re cocking an HW97, cocking effort on an on an HW95 shouldn’t be a problem. Forget about the pounds of effort – the felt effort is about the same or easier with the breakbarrel. 

The HW98 is the exact same powerplant as an HW95 but with a shorter barrel that includes a sleeve for weight and no provision for open sights. Plus you get the adjustable stock. Some guys think they’re an overpriced waste of money; personally, I love mine. That said, the HW95 is a bargain and the longer barrel reduces cocking effort a bit. I would personally tune either the 95 or 98 to about 11-12 foot pounds, but that’s more for shot cycle than cocking effort. 

The HW30 is really easy to cock and everyone should have one anyway – light, trim, laser accurate and just plain fun to shoot. And it will do the job with head shots on grey squirrels if you keep you’re shooting inside 25 yards. 

OR, for a true classic, find a nice FWB 124. Not quite as powerful as an HW95, but super easy to cock. I have one with a soft tune making about a little under 10 fpe (about 740 fps) and it is as easy to cock as the HW30 and the shot cycle is almost as smooth – just a pulse when you pull the trigger. 

With what you have already, my vote would be #1 – soft-tune FWB124; #2 HW30 right out of the box; #3 HW95 or HW98.  But you can’t go wrong with any of them. And, with a little encouragement from this forum, you’ll probably end end up owning all of them anyway. Ask me how i know…