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Houston we have a ISSUE !!….So it’s a nice day here in west central Mn with the temps around 20* and just a very slight breeze out and snow is melting so I figure I will shoot my Wildcat Patriot.25 so I get it out of the gun cabinet set it up on my bench inside my home open the patio door and then I couldn’t shoot it, I looked at it for a bit then went and got the Texan .45 and shot that twice and that sent my 2 cats and Rat Terrior running to the back of the house, forgot how loud that is shooting it in the house so I put it off to the side and eventually my 2 cats and the chicken I mean dog came back into the living room, so now I go get the HMx 357 and get that set up and take 5 shots and animals are still in the living room so now I grab the HMx .30 and shoot that 5 times and yep animals are still hanging out so now I get the wildcat back on the bench wanting to shoot it looked at it for a while and then put it away along with my other 3 and hear I sit……………..My mind is telling me to do something and I’m not sure what to do this is really getting to me and if I do what I think I should do you might need to send out a search party to find me hahaha, think I’m in a pickle with this .25 thing……….I am addicted for sure…..

At least I’m admitting it which is the 1st step I guess.