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I agree, talk to the OP, tell them what the problem is.

Are they single vision lenses, as in, not no line bi, tri or progressive lenses?

On my no-line progressive lenses, I had them move the progressive field of view all the way to the top of the lens/frame. Usually, they sit you down and measure where your pupils are looking thru your old lenses/glasses as you normally wear them. Then they calculate from that where to put the FOV in the new lenses.

That placement is too low in the lens for things like shooting sports. In which you have to focus on a reticle or sights because of having to tilt your head back so much to bring the close up range of the progressive FOV into focus.   Having them move that progressive FOV all the way to the top of the lens works much better for the shooting sports.

And it does not negatively effect everyday sight. I’d rather, and It is much easier/comfortable to tilt my head down a fraction more to bring in focus the distance vision of the progressive FOV than tilt my head back/up to bring in focus the close up FOV as much as you have to with they way the opto places it normally.

When a glasses wearer is looking thru a scope, with the proper cheek weld hold and all, you’re looking thru the top part of your glasses lens. The closer to that part of the lens your looking thru to get your sight picture that the medium to close up FOV of the progressive range is, the better your reticle/sights will look, while being able to stay in range of what your scopes eyepiece will focus down to to make it clear for you.