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“racer1”Let’s toss another element in shall we? In a custom providers realm it is not uncommon to pay 50-100% upfront.
A timeline will be stated or negotiated for delivery to the customer and agreed upon.
What happens when the delivery changes along with the story repeatedly?
Numerous emails and telephone calls are ignored and whoops the window is closed to get a refund from the credit card provider OR heaven forbid a postal money order was sent?
I applaud the forums and members for giving credit for smooth transactions.It is helpful to all.
But what the negative dealings?
I hope this topic gets lots of feedback.

Honestly I would not pay more then 10% upfront. This tells the builder you are serious (won’t likely cancel) and if something happens on their end you “only” need to recover 10%, not 50 or 100.

What inventive does the builder have to complete your project by deadline if he has been paid 100%. 

Maybe we (custom buyers) should be negotiating contracts with the builders for completion dates. In the construction industry plenty of “smart” buyers do it. You agree on a date and a price. If the project is not completed by that date then $$ starts coming off each day/week it is beyond. $500,000 job might be cut $1000 for each day/week it goes beyond.