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“Element”Dr you say no spring tension on the hammer? Somehow mine has lots of tension, having to hold the end cap under spring pressure to instal the end cap and set screw, that’s my problem I’ll have to check further, gun is all stock! Thanks again Steve!

Your cap has tension with the original spring which the dimensions are 2.5″ x .48″ x.048″. Once you move up in wire size (to .051 or .055 or .059) you will be cutting the spring to a bit over 1.75″ The free space in the tube between hammer and cap is just under 2″. This can change a bit depending on the hammer length adjustment.
Here are the springs I got. You have to search on amazon as now the one is showing “out of stock” in 2″ and the other is $20.
If you search you should be able to find them as an “add on”. I picked up a set of Broadheads and then the springs were $5 and $6 for each pack.

Dr Putz – you might not be able to get a hammer from AOA. This one looks to be used. I think the gentleman I got the gun from spends a LOT of $$$ with them and the tech may have done it as a favor.