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Do It Yourself Inexpensive light mount for scopes & red dot sights:

I’ve been looking for an easy, yet secure way to mount a small bright light to my scopes & red dots. This mount is sturdy & adjustable, & only costs a few bucks (not counting the light). The same parts work on 1″ & 30mm tube scopes, red dots & lights. 

I saw a post that used inexpensive conduit clamps, a screw & some nuts from any hardware store. Here is the post: 

I think his method allows lots of flexibility for clearing extra large objectives. Since I’m using regular sized objectives & an inexpensive 30mm red dot, I made the mount a bit simpler. 

I used: 

Two 1″ rubber insulated clamps from Home Depot by Gardner Bender part # PPR-1600 (1 clamp per pack so you need 2 packs), 

One pack of 1/4″ – 20 x 1/2″ Round Head Machine Screw & Nut Combo #27971 from Home Depot by Crown Bolt (has 5 nuts & 5 screws in the pack), 

*Please note the above part numbers are from my local Home Depot, as our local Lowes didn’t have the clamps in stock. 

What I did: 

Put one clamp around your scope or red dot sight, put another clamp around your flashlight, arrange them as a figure 8 so that you can pass a single 1/4″ – 20 x 1/2″ machine screw through all 4 clamp screw holes, and secure with a single nut. Tighten enough to get the right tension so you can still adjust the flashlight’s angle / aim, & so the clamps will hold the angle of adjustment you want. 

This will hold a 1″ light very nicely. Now, a little about my light. 

I used a 1″ diameter Maglite XL50 LED Light rated at 139 Lumens ($29 at Home Depot & WalMart). It uses 3 AAA batteries to put out more white light than a much larger & heavier traditional 2 D cell MagLite with Krypton / Zenon bulb, which is rated between 19 – 36 Lumens depending on where you look. This little XL50 also has a 25% brightness setting that has proven to be plenty for zapping rats out of the trees at night & conserves battery life. It has a full power strobe setting which might help disorient pests. At full power you can see particles of dust in the air, but I plan to fit a red lens over it for stealth & increased effectiveness. It still surprises me how bright this little torch is, & how long the batteries last. It has a rear pushbutton switch which you get used to, but a coiled remote pressure switch would be perfect. 

This really has been a big help to my son, as it’s a bit of a juggle-fest aligning your sights and a flashlight on a small target moving through leaves & limbs at night. 

The clamps are rigid enough to hold the light where you want it, but flexible enough that you can adjust the light up & down or side to side as needed. You can also play with the tension of the screw & nut to make adjusting the light up & down possible, yet make it firm enough to hold your setting.

I have used this setup for 5 years now on 2 different Prods & it has performed perfectly & helped account for a pile of rats.

Here are pics of the setup on my son’s WoodsWalker Prod: 

Pic on rig: 

I think a little black paint, or electricians tape on the silver clamps would look even better & help kill any flash. 

I hope this post helps. 



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