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I don’t usually photograph my groups at 50 as the range is 100 and I need to put up a tripod with target, or move my shooting position, give me a few days, I shoot everyday so I will break out the tripod…

I can say that at 30 m it will shoot about 12 mm/.5inch or so clover patterns, with the cursory 1 or two flyers per mag, so 50 m will be a bit larger.

Of all the tuning I did to this barrel I think that the mag work and lead polish resulted in the best gains for the effort. If pellets load poorly then maybe they are getting damaged, my mags were very tight, and were scraping the pellets when indexed.

My Impact is a gen1, I have no warranty anymore so I regularly take it apart to service/lube/inspect. After around 25k .22 shots I decided to change my reg piston and washers. I found that the new washers had gouged out parts of the piston, resulting in a jumpy reg!

I had to deburr the washers, polish contacts, clean their surface and then had to very carefully polish out the gouges on the piston. This was the final piece in the puzzle, my reg is very consistent now, great for long range…