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I can’t speak for the .22 version of this pellet, as I have no guns accurate enough to warrant using them.
  I can say, that the only experience that I have, is with the .177 version of the Sniper Lights (7.5 grains), and the Sniper Mediums (8.5 grains).  I used the Mediums  in 2016 to take second highest score of the Pyramyd Air Cup, in WFTF PCP division.  In my opinion, they beat out all pellets in the wind out of my Marauder.  Not A lot of rifles digest them well, particularly Lothar/Walther choked barrels.  I do not have any guns that like the Sniper Lights.
 If you have a look at my Field Target Tech Channel on U Tube, I have a video on 2 groups at 55 yards, one with my Marauder shooting Sniper Mediums, and the other, a Steyr LG 110 FT shooting Air Arms 8.44’s, and you can clearly see the difference.  
  Wish I could enlighten you more, and help, but this is the only info I can give.

Tom Holland 
[email protected] 
Assistant Match Director 
Eastern Suffolk Competitive Airgunners Association  (ESCAA) Long Island NY