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Wow Robert congratulations on taming that Wildcat of yours…she fought with fangs and claws and there was fur flying everywhere, but you finally calmed her down and now she is purring like a little kitten! 🙂 I wouldn’t worry about tweaking her any further to get a tighter ES because she is as accurate now as you could hope for. But if you want to see your ES drop to 6 ft/s and your SD drop to about 1.6 or so, weigh some pellets out to within a tenth of a grain and sort them accordingly. Then when you shoot them over your chrony the numbers will be almost the same because all the pellets weigh the same. Make sense? Think about it this way…do you think your chrono is going to show the same velocity numbers for pellets that weigh .5 to 1.5 grain difference? No of course not, because the heavier ones go slower and the lighter ones go faster. And I personally prefer to clean all the factory junk off my pellets which keeps your barrel much cleaner without a buildup of crap inside to degrade your accuracy. Just a thought is …why would anyone want anything else? Wildcats Rule! 
Always the best, Chuck