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OK so I started following the RAW Report last summer and got my HM1000 in the Fall. I just wanted a good accurate gun to do some back yard plinking. I kept reading about this “RAW addiction” and kinda snickered.  Then I thought a .25 would be nice to shoot at the local 100yd range. I found a nice HM1000x for sale and made the deal. I never intended to shoot it at my home 50yd range. Last week there was a strong cross wind that was blowing the 177s around pretty bad so I thought I’d try the .25 with some Mk I heavies. WOW!  This thing is a shooter! Still had to dope the wind some but the accuracy was/is impressive. So now I’m thinking about the possibility of adding a 30 and that this “RAW addiction” thing is no longer funny – it’s real, it’s insidious, it’s a friggin disease!