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Ok back from hunt,  dead Iguana all over the place due to accuracy of PCP’s. Ha ha good fun. Ok tweaked my Wildcat a bit and she has come into harmony with me, meaning feel and sound of gun. I only shoot mkii heavies for this info: Reg is still at 150 bar turned out HS and brought average fps from 835 to 829, ES is 12, SD 3 and shot count 42 before falling of reg. I can now punch 3/8 holes at 50y and 3/4 at 80y. The gun is a killer. Next weak I will try the reg at 145 bar and also some HS adjustments to trim the ES off some if possible. The gun is good to go but I will try a bit more tuning. The reg gauge mounted on gun works great and think it is a great resource to me. Hope this thead has helped anyone reading it. I have a great time testing and tuning these guns.