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“Element”Would you happen to have an approximate distance the hammer screw sticks out, I’ve messed with my compatto. 22 to the point I’ve put it on the shelf, it’s really difficult to find much info! Thank you!

You are correct, hardly ANY info out there. Only info I could really find was on the Daystate Forum and there it is TABOO to talk about anything that has to do with power “adjustment”. I’m the kinda guy who usually just learns by doing. Go slow and mythological and you’ll eventually get there.
Anyway below is a pic of the 2 hammers I have the left one is black and in the gun now. When I push the inner hammer all the way forward to measure the set screw looks to be 2.82mm out from the face of the inner hammer. The chrome hammer on right has the set screw sticking out 6.75mm from the face. This hammer has a longer screw and it will not go in any further. 6.75mm is it’s shortest adjustment. With this hammer in the rested state the set screw is actually about 1.5mm proud of the outer hammer.
It’s kinda odd but if I put the chrome hammer in and change nothing else I will get the same number of shots, but the velocity is about 40fps slower.

BTW – hammer is really simple to get out. Remove screw under end cap, remove end cap and spring, remove small slotted screw from side of hammer and it will slide right out.