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“rwsmike”I was curious where the inner hammer screw is located …..I do not own the manual for my compatto? Thanks 

AirRanger – thanks for the compliment. My springs will be here in 2 days. I am lucky that I have an extra SSH that came with the gun that I can experiment with, without changing the setting on the one in the gun. The original owner was told (I think based on the serial#)  that it had the regular hammer. When I inquired about it he called AOA and got them to ship out a hammer to him. Surprised me when I opened it and found it already had the SSH in it.


The screw can be accessed by removing the stock. Once you remove it you will see a tiny hole in the air tube end cap. If you put a long 3mm hex wrench into the hole you will get to the screw. There is a locking set screw on the side of the hammer that you access thru the side of the gun. It is just in front of the slotted screw in the hammer that keeps the hammer from rotating. Be careful if you decide to adjust this screw. It takes small changes to effect the velocity. Always count in or out from you original setting so you can get back to it if needed. When I did mine I noticed that when adjusting the screw inward I could cause the velocity to raise and then decline. This was (IMO) caused by the valve opening more as I turned it in, and then once it got to a point the decrease in hammer travel overtook the added strike and decreased the velocity. It’s really kind of a balance in adjusting and I think (at least with my gun) Brocock did a great job getting it adjusted from the factory.