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Drilled out my low power setting on the power selector and lowered my reg pressure to 150.  Got it from 158 or so bar to 150 on the nose on the first try,  a miracle haha.  So now I have it set at one full turn back from bottomed out on the HST on high gives me 870 with the heavies and on low gives me 920 with the kings.  Typically if you’re shooting the heavies at one speed it’ll be about 100 more fps I’ve found.  Got the drilling out the second setting idea from Mentalist I believe. 

A turn and a half back gives me 830 with the heavies and I would assume 880-890 or so with the kings.  In Canada even if I can set the power low it’s still a “firearm” so really no advantage to a the original low setting for me.  If I ever sell it I can just buy a second power selector and include it.