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I ask the retailer I’m considering, how long shipping and handling will take.  If I like their answer, I’ll do business with them and expect the item(s) to arrive within no more than 2-3 days later, unless the dealer gives me an updated delay note. 

I’m an avid archer, have been for about 52 years.  Since 2010 I’ve been buying custom hunting recurves, mostly very lightly used ones from folks (like me) who want to move them. Occasionally, I’ve ordered one from the bowyer personally.  I’ve waited an advertised 8-16 months, depending upon the bowyer’s backlog. I’ve never had to wait longer than a week beyond what I was told. These custom bows cost about what Wildcats to Steyr’s cost. 

The most impressively short and dependable shipping times for any air rifle I’ve bought has been Krale in the Netherlands.  They obviously understand the torture of long waits don’t mess around getting product out! I’ve found Midway and Pyramid Air to be quick too.  That Donny fellow in Florida is super fast at shipping as well!