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Yeah, the thing I like best about the .30, compared to the .25 or even .22 is the amount of energy that gets carried to the target, and deposited in or on the target, especially at longer ranges.  While you may say that the .25 or even .22 can reach out to 110 or 125 yards, shot placement is much more crucial than with the .30.  At shots of over 100 yards, I’ve had numerous shots that had I been shooting a .25 would more than likely have only wounded the animal (in this case, ground squirrel).  You may say a .25 at 60 fpe is very close to a .30 at 80 fpe, but the ENERGY DEPOSITED into the target is significantly more, and the damage is significantly more due to the diameter of the .30 pellet.  Whereas a .25 may pass through the neck or body of a GS for example, without a kill, the .30 will deposit significantly more energy, cause more damage, and could result in a kill of the GS with the same shot placement.  I know this may cause a storm of dissent from all the .25 aficionados, but if you think about it objectively it makes total sense…  Plus, when you get right down to it, the .30 is just more bad-ass… ;)