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Hi guys,

I just purchased a 0.177 Impact and I do OK (could be better) at 45m (see the 2 inch disk picture below) but when I try at longer ranges like 70m the 
groups open up too much.

The 45m group was shot at an average of 918 fps with the power wheel at MAX (the regulator pressure is around 110-115) and the valve at 4 lines showing.
The 70m group I shot by ONLY changing the wheel. I tried all settings and Power D seems to give the best group (as bad as it is). At this power I am getting around 889 fps

My goal is MOA at 100m but I do not see that happening any time soon if the gun is shooting as it is.
I am shooting the JSB 10,34 at the 4,52 diameter

Any thoughts as to what I should do to get the Impact to shoot better?

How did you tune yours to get good groups at 100 yds? 
What speed are you shooting at?