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Member has some great prices on refurbished guns. I believe i was looking the other day and they had the at44 tact .22 for 400. Good accuracy, decent shot count, good power and alot of gun for 400 imo. Also my first pcp was a gamo urban about a yr ago. Great gun for handpumping, got 30 usable shots and pumping was usually 60-75 strokes so pretty easy. Great accuracy out to 50, eats jsb 18.13’s like candy. Shoulders amazingly well, almost a no frills rough bsa… Trigger is only bad spot, not so great but liveable… Would definitely recommend urban for hunting/ field carry due to its compact size, light weight, accuracy, and you won’t feel bad taking it in the woods nd getting it dirty w the synthetic stock and price tag… You can pick one up currently for 299, and that coupled w a utg bugbuster compact makes for a pretty sweet 400 package…