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Hi again to all, there’s a first report from tkerrigan97352 in another forum about the demo slugs from Nick and I quote:
“Hi all, Tom in Jefferson, Oregon, USA here, I’m new. Just tried out some swaged .223 35gr hollow points today for Nielsen Specialty Ammo. First 5 shot group at 50 yards was .4375″. Better than any 20 yard group before. Next two groups were .9375″ and .6875″ all in the 975 to 985fps range. And this is with a K1 type 1. Yesterday I set the gun up using Gregor’s method, With the power dial wide open, turn the regulator up until the bullet or pellet is 30fps or 10 meters faster than the desired speed. Then turn the power knob down to the speed you want. I also shoved all the bullets to the end of the mag so that they enter the barrel at the slowest possible speed to reduce damage. Seems to work. Regards, Tom”.
I think my samples are going to arrive this week and I’ll be making tests on the weekend, I’ll post my findings and maybe do some videos about it.