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Hello Hajimoto.
   I am new to airgunning as well as this forum, so I’m gonna apologize  in advance if this question is somehow out of line. I spent some time watching your videos on the Gauntlet .22 before I purchased mine. The 2 stage trigger mod. video uses a spring plunger for the second stage. Is there possibly a spring plunger available that could be used in place of the ballpoint pen spring for the first stage? I have not done the mod to the trigger for the spring plunger on the second stage yet, because, as you stated, the warranty will be void. I did however polish the trigger and the sear surfaces. I had begun to try using a small machine screw down the center of the spring to try to keep the compression action smoother against the trigger surface (to alleviate the “crunching” effect) when I decided to stop and ask you about a plunger instead.
   I also wanted to mention something else I discovered in this process. I recently purchased a Work Sharp knife sharpener with 2 different blade guides (not the Ken Onion edition). This mini belt sander, supplied with 220 and 6000 grit belts, worked perfectly for polishing the trigger surfaces.
   Anyway, I saw a screenshot on a different post somewhere of a press-in long nose plunger with different compression forces. One of them had an initial force of .5 lbs ending with 1.5lbs. There were various spring rates and travel lengths as well. This is what started this whole idea of the plunger as a first stage rolling around in my brain. Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this.