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My opinion on this is as follows.

Im having a hard time Jumping ship from the FX Wildcat with the real Smooth Twist barrel ( not the barrel liner)
After seeing one go under 1/2 inch at 75 yards over 16 shots, with my own two eyes. Making one ragged little hole, it did.  This was off sand bags with a .22 caliber no less, using 15.89 grain JSBS with an muzzle velocity of 955-960 fps. I don’t see it getting any better than that from any airgun, but you can find a bunch of guns that will do worse. A lot worse.

Love the Edgun, but, That, for me, was compelling.

Even though, I believe FX guns should be better built.
I had a problem with mine and had to fix after only one year.
From an accuracy standpoint, its almost worth it to maintain it here and there.
Ive already resolved to the fact that things can go wrong. I was pissed about it , and of course I cussed FX guns.
But , hey. The damn thing is aspirin accurate at 75. I can work with that.

The EDgun. Nothing will probably defect itself in a year. Really nice build quality. But it doesn’t have a Smooth Twist barrel, and im believer in that barrel after what I saw.