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I purchased a Streamline in .25 recently and it was charged at the dealer by scuba.  Came back after zeroing the scope and tried filling with my Hills Mk4 pump.

At this stage I should say I am not a pump newbie having had a very nice Walther RM8 for about 18 months.  Great gun but it has a design fault which discharges all air overnight.  So each pump was a fill from zero, on average about 3×45 pumps with a 5 minute wait in between.  So I am quite used to the hard yakka ( that’s Aussie slang for hard work).
Problem being that I just could not get the Streamline past 150Bar.  I have tried 3-4 times with same result.
I replaced the O rings on the probe, but still no advance past 150.  I had my wife listen for leaks and she was sure the probe area was leaking.

Today I took the Streamline to the LGS.  He tried filling with the scuba again and it fiercely spat the probe out twice. So LGS rings the FX Distributor who says basically to try a new probe-which worked an it filled to 170, the scuba pressure.  Now distributor tells LGS that Streamlines are impossible to charge by hand pump and I should by myself a scuba outfit.  That’s going to cost $3-400 which I don’t want to spend.

What are the thoughts of Streamline experts out there?