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Hey Mark,

I PM’d you but I’m having the exact same problem with my Wildcat and my FX handpump. I sent it in to AoA due to this issue and they gave it back to me charged back up to about 250 bar, I shot it down to 150, tried to pump it up and no go; the air stays in the hose.

Puhleeze tell me you found a fix for this! AoA sent this gun to FX to get repaired, and I sent the pump along with the gun and asked for them to check out the pump, too. Maybe they were able to charge the gun but never got around to taking a look at the pump itself, or didn’t try to use my handpump to charge the gun.

Or, hopefully it’s an operator error and I can blame my bone-head self and fix this issue right now. I’m dying!

I’m praying.

Thanks man