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Spike.b – 
​So few airgun shooters where I am, used really isn’t an option.  Hate the thought of mail order used, just don’t know where it’s been.  If you know any FT shooters with used equipment, go for it!  

​The only issue I have with the new lower end guns are the triggers.  The Marauder has a good trigger, but reports on the Maximus are that it’s medeocre at best.  Accuracy wise, it looks pretty good.  I suspect the fortitude will suffer the same limitations.  

​Good luck on the move to PCP, it was the best thing in shooting I ever did.  Brought economy back to shooting!  Now, I can go to the range and while the guy next to me shoots $100 worth of ammunition, I barely scratch $3 or $4 in pellets.  My 10 meter pistol gets 60 to 70 shots per fill and only takes 30 to 35 strokes on a pump to fill.  It’s a great hobby!