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“TheBarber” I was thinking of trying cast bullets. Do you think they would be more effective than a JSB 44.75?

Bullets, whether cast or swaged, are more efficient (higher ballistic coefficient) and they will enable you greater accuracy at transonic and supersonic speeds. They are more stable at those speeds than are pellets. Pellets go out of control in transonic and supersonic flight. If you want to use bullets, then use the FPE rating of your gun to choose a bullet weight and speed suitable for your FPE.

Example: If your gun is rated for 60 FPE, your 44.75 grain pellets are flying 777 fps. That’s well below the speed that pellets get unstable. With the same gun, you can choose a bullet (cast or swaged) of 25 gr and they’ll fly 1040fps (transonic) and a much flatter trajectory and far better ballistic coefficient (maintain their energy at a greater distance) and penetrate deeper. Were you to shoot a 25 gr pellet at 1040fps, it would go out of control most likely and you’d miss your coyote. With a 25 grain bullet, whether cast of swaged, you’d have stability (accuracy) with the same FPE at a greater range and flatter trajectory.

If by “effective” you mean knockdown power (FPE), bullets maintain that knockdown power at a greater distance and at much higher speed. The effectiveness is the same, as per my example (60FPE). But the speed is much higher.

So, to answer your question: Generally, a 60FPE gun is a 60FPE gun whatever it shoots. You can deliver 60FPE with 44.75 gr JSBs at 777 fps; OR, you can deliver 60FPE with 25 gr bullets at 1040fps. If you’re shooting raccoons at 50 yards, I’d choose the 44.75 gr JSBs because a 25 gr bullet at 1040fps would blow right through him and keep on going and waste all it’s energy beyond the raccoon. If I were shooting coyotes at 75 yards or more, I’d choose the 25 grain bullets at 1040fps. It’s up to you to decide what’s more effective for your range and your target.

Does this make sense to you?