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It is over sprung from the factory.

Are you sure your reg is at 1,100psi? That would be different than most. My was delivered at around 900psi and a few others here have reported similar psi settings.
It’s a Ninja regulator so all those vid’s/parts apply. Likely just need one shim ( and a $20.00 home made reg checker, there is a post on here somewhere about that & a gauntlet, cant find it) but a set of shims and springs – bevel washer type- should cost $10-15.00.

A bunch of parts pictures of just the rifle ( no reg or valve pics)

 1,100psi should get you the fps you desire, then look for the best pellet, my likes JSB 10.5 best – but I shoot 18fpe- and really just any thing else next best.