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“jking”Hey Menttaliist, this thread and the one I’m linking to is for the 25cal. I’ve learned a lot about the 500 but don’t know squat about the internals of the 400. As with the 500 there may be some checks you can do to determine what you have and what it might take to get to where you want to be. One of the big clues with the 500 is the adapter that screws into the bottom of the receiver that the stock bolt screws into to hold secure the stock. We’ve learned that the lower power and earlier non regulated guns have a thread size of M5 on that fitting if you unscrew it out of the gun and measure it. The high power versions use an adapter that has M6 threads which in turn means some of the porting inside the receiver is also larger than the M5 guns. The 400 may be very similar.
I can’t say this is even anywhere close to helping you but it is just one of the clues on the 25cal. Hopefully someone with a better understanding of the 400’s will chime in. You can also compare the parts list and see what differences there are. They do list different valves parts I believe.
What was done to your gun to make it the FAC version?.

Valve support (open one) and power adjuster wheel. Nothing else is required to make it F.A.C acording to Fx, hammer springs are the same and most recent Royales .22 don’t even have a hammer weight