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Gentleman, Thank you for your many replys! 
I’ve contacted Ernest Rowe and told him what the issues were and he told me how to address them myself. However I’ve decided to go ahead and send it to The FX facility in NC. He bid me a price of $110 for cleaning up the gun and putting a proper tune on it. That to me is more than fair, He told me the possible wait time is approximately 2 weeks with repair and tune and 1 additional week with shipping. I think its a good route to take. 
ShootistX, I’m inclined to agree with you on the questionable parts, having the gun apart i could see where they cheaped out and where they made homeruns!
Love the gun though and FX is stand up brand to me. With their smooth twist barrels and light crisp triggers topped with proper linkage design its hard to say no to it!
I do appreciate all the information exchanged hope it goes well for me!