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I just moved up from two Gamos, They are complete junk, I never knew an air rifle could be so accurate or so consistent until I got my HW97K with an Aztec scope. I am literally going to throw away my Gamo Silent Cat IGT and Gamo Whisper they are that bad. I’m definitely sticking with springers from now on, it should tell you something when the high end German airgun manufacturers are still using springs vs IGT.

My Gamo Silent Cat IGT can’t even penetrate cardboard at 20yds after 3yrs, not sure if the gas leaked or what but it is useless now. I never left it cocked and really didn’t shoot more than 1,000 rounds through it in the 3yrs I’ve had it. Also, where the stop screw from the scope mount was inserted into the mounting rail hole is a gash where the rail was shredded from the recoil.