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$400 is really tight on the budget.  Crosman offers a 25% discount with the AGNATION code and if you order on Fridays (at least in the past) there’s free shipping.  your budget pretty much restricts you to a pump / rifle combo.  

For Field Target, are you limited to the European 12 Foot pound energy limit?  If so, check out the Benjamin Maximus European edition.  Retails at $220, with 25% discount = $165.  
Pump is $190 and with the 25% discount it’s $143.  

If not limited by 12 foot pound limit, look at the regular Maximus.  Same pricing as the Euro version.

Crosman also has a package of gun, pump, pellets, eye protection and a target for $350, so with the 25% discount it’s $262.50 (only available in .22)

Next, you’ll need an optic. Have you calculated that into the price, or do you already have an optic?

The big advantage of the Maximus is the 2000 PSI fill.  Most guns are 3000 PSI and on a hand pump can be difficult.

Another option, though not available yet on the Crosman Site, is the new Crosman Fortitude.  It retails for $300 (no discount, sorry bout that), is regulated, shoots well, and then a pump on top of that; however, that is slightly over the magic $400.  Not sure when it’ll be on the Crosman site so you can get the discount.  Initial hype is pretty good.

Fortitude is so new, no reviews yet.  It is tempting, but I’m waiting for reviews.

Maximus Reviews here:

Good luck in whatever you choose.