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I am very familiar with what scopes do, thank you very much.
There is no scope out there that is going to place your projectile, exactly where you want it , every time you want it there.
No matter how good, or how automated the scope is, your limiting factor will be the ammunition, efficiency, and technique.
As to a scope with sensors built in that automatically  dopes wind for you with a pellet. This is not going  to happen either.
The wind is turbulence. What it’s doing in one place, its not doing in another.

As to a scope with no reticle, unless you’re firing a laser guided pellet. That is not going to happen in yours or my lifetime, either.

And my last point. There is already a scope that will do what you’re asking for. You can have it now. But it will cost you dearly. And it is not designed around a domed pellet with a very low ballistic coefficient.
The package is sold as a unit and calibrated to that unit, in this case a 6.5mm creedmoor.
It can be found here.


Thank you for calling my reply , complete and utter nonsense.