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I debated between the Crown and Matador R5. Ultimately bought the R5 standard and very happy. First PCP that I felt comfortable taking apart and first gun to swap out a regulator for a Huma reg. Super simple design and built like a tank. Very easy to take apart and tweak the HST and regulator to your liking. I was also interested in a .30 caliber and the R5 standard was the most compact .30 I could buy. I like single shot loading in a .30 version for the type of hunting I do. I have yet to need a follow up shot on any targets as this gun just hammers them so hard and is very accurate. Plus like others have said, Brian from EDgun West has been superb in being accessible and answering the multitude of questions I had before and after purchasing the gun from him. R5 all the way while you still can.