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Pappy – I tend to agree that the bullets are the next technical revolution to come to air guns.  The guns have the power to drive a heavier projectile and the market is there for the bullet manufacturers to enter and make some $$ along the way.  Pellet ballistic coefficients are pathetic compared to a boat tail design.  only problem is the weight of the bullet.  Using .22 for example, the typical pellets weigh 18 gr or under, trying to design a boat tail that is in the same weight class is a real challenge.  With more powerful PCP’s out there, the weights can go up, and hopefully gain more accuracy.

As for the guns, if I could have an Impact with the Smooth Twist X barrel, I think that would be my choice.  The standard smooth twist doesn’t handle bullets as well as the X barrel (at least initial reviews indicate that the X is slightly better than the smooth twist with bullets).  Since I believe bullets are the future, I’d like a gun that can handle said bullets.

Still a couple months from ordering (have enough for the gun, now saving for the scope so I can buy the whole package all at once), so maybe they’ll put the Impact out with the X barrel.