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Spent time last night shooting a Crosman Prowler .22 with a 1st gen Nitro Piston (NP) followed by a Crosman Summit .22 with a 2nd gen Nitro Piston (NP2).  The Prowler NP has a cocking effort somewhere between 35-40 pounds by my reckoning and is about the limit I can use for an hour’s shoot.  The Summit NP2, on the other hand, cocks with a sub-30 pound effort; I can shoot that gun continuously for hours – and have many times.  Both rifles have Crosman’s full barrel shroud which aids in providing a good hand grip.  I have joint trouble in my left shoulder (my cocking arm/shoulder) and can say with assurance that the NP2 system affords me no end of pleasure to shoot.  If you want a gun that is accurate, capable of small game hunting, and suited to (a-hem) “mature gentlemen of a sporting nature” or duffers like me, take a look at Crosman’s NP2 line of guns.  Tom Gaylord has a very thorough review of NP2 characteristics in his blog series over on Pyramyd Air’s web site.  Search on NP2 and read what the Godfather has to say about ’em.  For me, the NP2 system is a joy and a godsend.