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If you want a power booster the last one to buy is the Air Venturi brand. Search this forum and you’ll see that not only have there been reliability issues with this new booster, but service for them is a problem because it is unfamiliar to their service people.  Power boosters such as the Altaros, Air Venturi, or the Shoebox F10 aren’t as cost competitive as they used to be when you add  in the expense of moisture filtration filters, plumbing, and a first stage compressor.  If this is the route you wish to take, the Shoebox F10 makes the most sense of the booster category because it’s price was recently lowered to $500.  The Altaros requires a lot of air just to push the booster piston.  It needs a large air compressor air output to replace the work that the motor does for the Shoebox.   The Altaros costs $200 more than an F10 Shoebox plus the expense of a larger input compressor.  The Air Venturi costs $300 more and seems to be least proven of these three.