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Well, you didn’t specify if we had to have owned the rifle, coming soon, or dreaming about having it. So, I’ll cover a few of those

I’d have to say my AA-S510 F.A.C is my favorite in my current collection (which is stripped down and sold off due to the new FX’s coming out). I like it the most because it’s a traditional style, easy to use, accurate, well balanced, quiet, standard PCP platform. It is currently my “go to” rifle. 

The Fx Verminator Extreme MkII is a close second (I also own it). It is the most accurate rifle I currently own. I like it very much due to its innovation while retaining high quality and accuracy. Going from accurate pellets to accurate arrows in a take down rifle is great! Even better is the ability to switch between the two, or be able to disassemble the rifle and put it back into its case, then reassemble it and not come off zero. I’ve tested it, and it’s true! Why isn’t it my #1? I feel that it handles a bit awkward for me. I find that it’s just a bit heavy in odd places. It’s also a bit on the long side with everything (LDC) attached. Maybe it just seems that way having the barrel extending way out in front. But that’s just the way I feel about it. Others may feel it has great feel and fit.
Apparently my Vermy isn’t very photogenic. This is the only pic I’ve got of it.

Wish list – Daystate Airwolf MCT. I think there’s something to be said for the way Daystate has blended technology and beauty. I think their rifles are among some of the prettiest available. I’d love to experience what an electronic regulator can do! I think this is a step in the right direction for achieving the ultimate in consistency between shots. 

I’m very excited for the release of the FX Impact! I hope that it lives up to what we all want it to be. I’ve got an idea for it (that I’ll have to pass on to Frederick at some point). That will take it up another notch. I hope that it has the same ability to hold zero that I’m getting from my Vermy. 

I’m still convinced that a combination of the FX ST barrel with Daystates electronic regulator and a few other consistency related items would make the ultimate platform. Just my opinion. 

Thanks for starting this thread, it’s a good one! Happy Shooting!