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Mike   Your right! The range and the ability to do anything with the property is great. I think I decided to go with the RAW instead of the BSA. I should have the money ready this week. I have a promise from a guy to buy my Ruger Mini 14 Ranch tricked out assault rifle, But you know how promises go.  LOL

I’m a person who believes in buying the best you can afford to avoid buying it twice. I also like the Daystate Wolverine in .22
Ahhhh I can’t make up my mind damnit!
Jimmy and I have a blast shooting for sure. It is nice being close in proximity to another air gunner. I have Jimmy to thank for my addiction. I was perfectly happy doing gunsmithing on powder guns,hunting and fishing. Hell I have not taken my boats into the ocean once this year… I guess I passed to the dark side bad!

I did sell the Maruader to a fellow who will get the use out of it. It was too much expense to spend to get it to shoot accurate at 50 yds. The disco mod is done so now I can work on a benchrest .22….. Oh No! You’re another bad influence on me with that RAW !!!!   ARGHHHH   LOL
Thanks for the challange Mike….