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If it were up to me, I’d probably go with the Regal. It’s $700 less than the Wolverine C and you could use leftover money for a new scope, mounts, and pellets. The Regal should be plenty accurate for the distances you plan on shooting. The Regal is also lighter and more maneuverable and it’s overall length is almost 5″ shorter than the Wolverine C. As for dealers, all of them get their guns from Airguns of Arizona, the US distributor for DayState. You biggest challenge may be finding a 12 ft/lb DayState in the US since most are 30+ ft lb rifles. Here are some good dealers with links provided:

As Jamie mentioned in the prior post, the FX would be a good option since as he says, can be dialed down to 12 ft lbs via a 3 way power wheel.

Another rifle you might want to consider is the Brocock Concept XL which is a superb rifle and shoots between 12-14 ft lbs without modification. Plus its a steal for just $579. However, if you want a built in pressure gauge and larger air cylinder, the price jumps to $995 and the power is also up at 26-27 ft lbs.

Finally, take a look at the Air Arms S500 for around $1000 which has a power wheel to adjust the power to your liking.

Good luck!