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Airgunnation is free and membership is not required to view all of its contents.

To post comments you must have a membership.

To be a member you must follow a couple rules.

Rule 1: Members are not allowed to advertise for non sponsored company’s. (if they were what would be the point to buy add space on the fourm)

Rule 2: members are not allowed to harass, intimidate, or demean fellow members.

That’s it pretty easy. Ted and Michael rules and there decision on how to enforce them.

Go over to your neighbors and start telling him how he is running his house wrong and see what happens.

Agn should be more like the other forum… No it should be like agn these rules work. Anonymity will devolve civility without some safe net.

There is more talk of rifles not sold by any of sponsored company’s on this forum than sponsored ones, so all this talk of censorship is in my opinion bs.

Everyone is free to start there own fourm with as many or as few rules as they want, agn has two.