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I didn’t want to chime into this but I kind of feel the need to have a small say. 

I wholeheartedly agree greed with the majority here, WE ARE GUESTS here and if we want to stay here then it’s up to us to toe the line. If a mod makes a decision then just roll with it. Sure, if you feel it was personal, approach another mod for a second opinion but don’t feel that just because YOU think you are right that you ARE! 

I think ink it’s such a shame that Ted makes very few videos now, and reading between the lines, threads like this are the very reason that he doesn’t. People who are always complaining are the ones taking the fun out of it for him. Its great that he has such a base of followers that love his work as much as we do but don’t let it get to the point where everyone moans at him for not making more videos. He has always maintained that he will only make them at his leisure and when it stops being fun he will stop making them. 

And if if no one had noticed, his contributions to the forum die off when shitty threads like this crop up and put a downer on everything and I for one enjoy listening to his advice and actively look for his new posts. It adds an extra element to this forum that I enjoy. 

Just give the guy a break and thank him and the team of mods for giving us somewhere to talk and ask questions related to airguns and equipment. It’s not supposed to be a place to ask him why he doesn’t do videos as often as he did, or why we can’t mention stuff, if YOU paid for advertising here and someone else was getting it for free you’d be pissed off and stop paying. 

Edited to add: anyone who is getting moaned at here… Remember that the bigger this gets the more people there will be that will moan, at least proportionally the amount of moaners are going down. – however many thousand members now and from what I can see 1 or 2 people still bitching. They are in the minority and no one cares what they say, they are hardly going to start a revolution!