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     I would agree with you that this post and post like it are designed just to get a rise out of members of this forum. Guys like you, Neil, AJ, PaulW, Blackdeisel, Nomatic Pirate, (I could go on and on and on) are great guys and truly add to the value of this forum. I have learned so much from all of you on this forum! We are strong supporters of this forum and Ted! I would suggest ( and I know it may seem odd coming from me ) to give this post  and posts like this in the future the attention it deserves……. and that is to IGNORE THEM!
 I will spend my time reading about how excited Billy is and how well he is doing with his new gun and all the atta boys when guys finally post a group they are proud of! I will read about Manny’s experiences in the jungle and follow guys decision on scopes. I will read about AJ’s help with the Marauder and chime in when I think I have something positive to say.
And finally, I will ignore guys like you FamilyGuy when you have nothing of value to say but only to stir up crap on this forum. I would encourage my fellow forum mates to do the same and hope that posts like this will run unanswered and drop to the bottom. If you want to post about your Vulcan, needing advise and want to rave about your new addition, please type away.