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FamilyMan811 I posted this under Enough, is Enough, is Enough. This obviously bears repeating again. It states my opinion regarding another member expressing their concerns about being banned. There is a BIG difference between honest criticism and “bad mouthing” a person or company. There is a big difference between allowing “freedom of speech” and allowing someone to heckle the speaker. When you are at a concert do you allow someone to talk loudly during a performance, do you allow a heckler to continue. ABSOLUTELY NOT! You have security throw the Son of Bitch out.
There was a time when we put honor , duty, and respect at the top of our list. We valued creativity, hard work, and a job well done!  If I smarted off  to an adult or got in trouble at school my father knocked the hell out of me. I learned to respect others. Today, if a child is in trouble at school the teacher is in trouble or a parent is reported for child abuse! Today more and more are looking for the easy way out and want to speak their mind without regard whether it is correct or not and expect the rest of us to take. Many people are self-absolved and could care less about you or anyone else.  I say BULLSHIT!!!!! I find, unfortunately, respect is rearly given and must be demanded with these  self-absorbed people. I do not allow disrespectful people to stay in my office. If you have an legitamate compaint I will everything I can to correct it but if you want to be A-hole I will have the police escort you out. I will not allow their destructive behavior to destroy the atmosphere for me, my staff or other patients! It is a shame that BlackDiesel’s post was removed but sponsors  have spent time and money here. We have to respect that. I support the decision of Micheal and Ted getting rid of a few loudmouths to help make this a better forum.
FYI- I don’t think they like banning people any better than you. 
Here’s what I posted:
I think Neil and AJ both make great comments. Like it or not we are in Ted’s and the sponsor’s back yard. This forum should be dictated by them! The fact is Ted does want an open forum and he does allow honest criticism of the sponsors. I think they really want the feedback from us. Like Neil said, there are people with their own agendas, troubles makes, and ones that just want to trash or spead rumors about the sponsors. I personally support their @@$%^ being thrown out of this forum. I really don’t want to read their rants, read their character assassinations, or have their products shoved down my throat….. I don’t want to read their commercials.  Many of you know I was personally  trying to keep a predator away from the new shooters on this forum. It is hard not to let it get personal. That person was kick off this forum and  another forum for being a A-hole there. When you allow a predator/trouble maker on the farm thing can easily go south. Best to kill it and put a final end to it. Everyone is at ease once they are gone. 
The way I see it, this forum is truly setup to be about airguns. Some people have alot of time and money invested in this venture. They have the right to safeguard it’s success. You, and all of us, have the right to participate positive or negatively on this forum. We have the right to abide by their guidelines or suffer being banned.  We also have the right to leave this forum or form our own if we do not like the rules. AJ is right, this forum is about having fun and we should understand this is a hobby. These are not life threatening issues! I truly believe Ted and Michael are honest and caring men and  want what is best for all parties. Remember this is their backyard we are playing in and I have no problem in playing by their rules! George W. Harper DDS, FAGD