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Having young children throws life extremely out of balance. As my kids are now starting college, I would not trade them for the world but early on it was difficult!!!! It doesn’t get any easier but it is truly rewarding. It will be a constant struggle to balance God, Work, Family, and Personal time. Most young parents feel guilty about taking time for themselves however, it is vital for your health to spend time in all four areas.That means taking time for yourself. If you don’t take time for yourself (granted it will be limited) you may soon resent them, your wife, or be become bittter. 
My wife and I love being with our children (now we have to chase them down) but we took the time to go out together several times a month. Sometimes we dropped them off at the sitters and just stayed at home so we could talk and eat dinner (while it was still hot). I did spend 1-2 hours a week on my hobbies. It is not being selfish to have some time for yourself. So find a person you can trust and take the necessary time to rejuvenate yourself. My children loved spending time with the sitter. When my son just started talking he would get excited and started saying the sitter’s name when we got near her home. 
So Michael……. higher the sitter and take time for yourself (within reason of course) and go out and shoot for a hour or two each week. You will find you have more energy and patience for your family and work! It will be worth even penny you will pay!
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