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Humidity, no. Not at all at normal airgun ranges. Temp. change, could well be. And if it is temp change it could be, just the rifle, just the scope, both. Different metals expand/contract at different rates. You’ll see a lot of people at matchs with temp strips (like for a fish tank that change color) on their rifles or scopes. SOME temp shifts (that’s some rigs) are very repeatable, I have a friend who add’s 4 clicks to his scope at 84 degrees, works everytime. Some are not as easy to nail down and or continue to change.
 Pretty easy to check just make sure it’s zeroed  cool it down to 40 or so and take it shooting on a hot day with a decent thermometer.
IF that’s your problem, maybe try different scope rings, different scope then if you still have temp shift put a sticker thermo on it and learn where to click depending.