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             Get the best possible scope you can afford. You can always transfer it to another gun if you need to. For a while, I was using one night vision scope on three different guns. I used an adjustable pic rail mount base by Air Force , wrote down my settings and was able to jump one expensive specialty scope from gun to gun and kept it’s zero after the adjustments were looked up and dialed in. Eventually I bought some good day scopes and left the NV in the safe. I moved from the city to the country and no longer have a supply of rats to shoot at night. That is the only thing I miss from being in the city.

Back to your scope…….definitely look for a Mil-Dot reticle that can focus down to ten yards or so. A 30mm tube is nice but not a deal breaker. Most of all, the turrets should be crisp and sharp, repeatable. Someone in here talks very highly of the Aeon brand of scopes. They aren’t too terribly expensive and seem well built.