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“CampFussell”Cliff, I have a friend who has a Daystate MK4 in .177 . It is lights out accurate inside of 50 yds. I’ve shot it several times and it seems to be more accurate than my AA S500, and even my Cricket and FX at the 30 yd mark? Might have something to with the electronic trigger?
Was having a hard time accepting anything with an electronic trigger, but the more I shoot it, the more I can see why it’s so accurate, and I’m really starting to like it.
It shoots the 8.44 grain JSB Exacts the best.
Anyway, he’s looking into getting one of these BSA R-10 ‘s in .22 cal.
Seems the .22 cal are on back order and won’t be back in stock until late August?
He’s tried several different dealers and same story. So they must be flying off the shelves? LOL!


Jimmy! It’s great to hear from you, how’s everything been? Glad to see you here, I’m not on the yellow anymore so it’s nice to see familiar names/faces here. Thanks for sharing the info on the Daystate. One day I would love to try one of their electronic triggers. You are lucky to live near a friend who also shares the same hobby. I don’t know of anyone around me that is into airguns. I’ve tried gently nudging a few work buddies into trying them a couple of times over the years but with little interest and no takers. Maybe I smell or something haha. In any case, thanks for sharing the info, hope all is well!