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Wow am I late on this response. Sorry Mike. I am not a social butterfly but Jimmy is getting me so…LOL I hope that my photos come through of my bench set up. I am shooting outdoors across an open area so wind is my enemy for the challenge. Jimmy can tell you after shooting my Daystate the thing is a laser, It is mostly me s I am 62 and counting. I will do a better challenge in the near future. I am trying to get a BSA R10 MK2 in ,22 today but they are all on back order until the end of next month. 

I was busy modding a disco and getting a Maruader into shape, Next is the Nationals in Field Target for me and Jimmy. Not to mention the monthly FT comps at our club.
If the photos show, I made a two person concrete bench with a shelter over it. It has storage for the Tack driver bags and pellets. It is set up for 100 yds. I also have a field target set up around the 2.5 acre property. We call it my “Fortress of Pellitude” as it surrounded by 3 strand electric wire…Basically to keep out coyotes and my x lg dogs in.

Man you and that RAW rock. I cannnot telll you how impressed Jimmy and I are… we talk about you all the time…Great shooting.  oh yeah, I now have the forum set up to notify me when someone send a post…Hopefully it won’t be so long between responses …LOL By the way the posts on the shelter are plumb. It looks off due to me holding the phone a little cock eyed..
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