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AJ, I really appreciated the time and effort you put into that write up. Just this month I bought a new .22 MROD2 and after 500+ pellets gave up and sent it back for a replacement with the vendor. I was getting 1.25-1.5″ groups at 20 yards and opening up to 3″ @ 33 yards. 14.3gr @ 889.1 AU, 4.12 SD, 16.3 ES in a 10 round group. 

Air gauge on the rifle was 200 psi off from the hand pumps gauge, Crosman said to go by the indicated pressure on the rifle. 

I tried two two different scopes, cleaned the barrel, inspected the breach seal with a loupe, checked for any air leaks with a tissue, didn’t see any clipping of the baffles, tried 6 different pellets with the JSB 18.13 shooting the best, but I’m not looking for an Olympic shooter, I just needed something good out to 50 yards preferably with 14.3 CPHP’s. 

The replacement is on its way now and I am keeping my fingers crossed that I get a good shooter this time around. I planned to tinker and tune this rifle later on down the road mostly for a flat shot string with the highest FPE I can get in 40 shots with a 3000psi fill  down to around 2000 psi.

I never figured on having such accuracy issues right out of the box, I had hoped all these accuracy problems would have been addressed by Crosman with the release of the Gen2 rifles, but apparently nothing has really changed in that respect.